Thinking on goodness of God equals thanking him!


Wonderful Revival. Happy 13th

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  1. To God Be The Glory!

    “Addicted to Ministry”

    Today the Lord ministered to me about trust and choice. Trust is having total confidence in God’s ability, integrity and His character. When we are faced with odds stacked against us, God has earned and proven He will be there for His people. Therefore it will be wise for Serenity and all of the body of Christ to make the right choice and choose God.

    Proverb 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart………

    Be Encouraged!

  2. Yes, Pastor, it was an amazing week of celebration. So many stirring messages that nourished our souls and spirits. Thanks and congratulations to you and First Lady Britton. Number 14 looks very exciting indeed.

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